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California wildfires can be devastating, destroying lives and properties. In some cases, these fires are caused by the negligence of others. When people, companies or governmental entities are responsible for wildfires, they may be liable to pay damages to people who have suffered losses. An experienced San Jose wildfire liability attorney may help clients to identify all of the potentially responsible parties so that they might be compensated for their losses.

What is wildfire liability?

Most homeowners have some type of insurance coverage for fires. However, the policy limits may not be sufficient to cover all of the losses that you have suffered. One possible method to recover the compensation that you need is by filing a lawsuit against the party or entity who is responsible. While some wildfires are caused by natural events such as lightning strikes, many are caused by the negligence of others. People or entities who negligently spark wildfires may be responsible to pay damages for the resulting losses.

How do people qualify for wildfire liability claims?

Wildfire liability lawsuits are not class actions. In order to qualify to file a wildfire liability claim, you must have lost property or have suffered injuries in a wildfire that was caused by the negligence of others. For example, PG&E has been negligent in numerous wildfires, including the devastating fires that swept through Sonoma County last year. Governmental agencies may also be liable to pay damages.

When you should file a wildfire liability claim

You should file a wildfire liability claim as soon as possible after your losses have occurred. If one of the defendants will be a municipal or state agency, there are very short time frames within which claims must be filed.

How fault is determined

When wildfires happen, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection investigates to determine if any entity or individual was liable for causing them. This investigation can take months. Experienced wildfire lawyers may work to investigate liability issues so that their clients may file claims against all of the potential defendants. This may help them to recover damages that are sufficient to cover their losses.

When to contact a San Jose wildfire liability attorney

If you have suffered injuries, property losses or both in a wildfire, it is vital for you to talk to an experienced San Jose wildfire liability attorney as soon as possible. Any claims that you might have against the government must be filed within a strict time period. If you do not file within the limitations period, you may be permanently barred from ever trying to recover the damages to which you would otherwise be entitled. Our experienced lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation and file your claim with the responsible government agency and with the court. Because of the complexities involved in proving wildfire liability claims, it may be best for you to get help from an experienced lawyer. Contact the wildfire liability lawyers at our San Jose firm today.

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