Train Accident Lawyer

Have you been in an accident involving a train? San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys can help.

Contact our train accident lawyer in San Jose if you are suffering from an injury caused by negligence. A train accident may have left you with a permanent injury. You may have lost your job. Your disability may prevent you from finding gainful employment. Our experienced lawyer may offer you the opportunity to file a lawsuit enabling you to win a monetary settlement. You are never asked to pay any payments in advance for legal representation. Furthermore, you are not charged a fee for your first consultation. Call our law firm today to find out whether you have a valid claim.

Definition of a Train Accident

There are five distinct types of train accidents.

  1. An operational train accident is caused by the negligence of the train operator.
  2. navigational train accident is due to any number of reasons, including failing to let the conductor know about a dangerous situation on the rail and failing to switch tracks. Additionally, train companies are legally accountable for maintaining gates and bridges.
  3. mechanical train accident is caused by faulty machinery or machine parts. A mechanical train accident is also caused by inefficient inspections or tracks that are not maintained.
  4. functional train accident is caused by employees who shirk their duties in favor of operating the train without any sense of diligence.
  5. An external train accident is caused by an uncontrollable force.

Common Injuries Caused by Train Accidents and their Lasting Effects

Train accidents are responsible for several catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, blindness, deafness, severe burns, damage to internal organs and the loss of limbs or arms. A train accident can also cause less severe injuries that include broken bones. The lasting effects of a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury are often permanent. A person with a spinal cord injury may lose the ability to walk. A person with a traumatic brain injury may experience severe short-term memory loss, making daily life a constant challenge. Severe burns may require several skin grafts. Damage to an internal organ may involve a transplant or result in a fatality. If you are the victim of a train accident caused by negligence, contact our train accident lawyer in San Jose today.

Dealing with an Insurance Company After Experiencing a Train Accident

A train accident injury involves dealing with attorneys who are hired by the train company. Train companies also employ insurance adjusters who may not act in your best interest. Unlike our personal injury lawyer who works on your behalf, an insurance agent or adjuster representing a train company wishes to benefit the insured business. If you have a serious injury due to a train company’s negligence, contact our law firm right away. Our attorney will help you file a lawsuit and represent you in or out of court. You may win a monetary settlement large enough to pay for outstanding medical bills and mortgage payments. Contact our train accident lawyer in San Jose now.

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