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If you have sustained injury from an accident that happened in San Jose because of someone’s negligence, call us, your San Jose accident attorney, and we will fight for your rights. Although receiving financial compensation will not take away your injuries, it can help ease the burden of being injured or having a loved one injured. The experienced injury lawyers at San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys can help you receive compensation for your injuries, so you can afford the best medical care available.

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Learn more about the types of cases the lawyers at San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys handles. With over 30+ years of experience our attorneys are ready to fight for you. Whether you have been injured in a 18 - wheeler truck accident or you've suffered dog bite injuries our accident attorneys are here to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Vehicle Accidents

Some drivers do not take seriously the enormous responsibility they have when they get behind the wheels of their vehicles. They may talk or text on cell phones or visit with other passengers in their autos and that could be the cause of an accident. They may play music so loud that they are unaware of sirens and other warning signals. Anything that occupies their minds and keeps them from driving attentively and safely can be hazardous to others as well as to themselves. They may also fail to keep their vehicles in a safe condition. If the brakes do not work properly, they may not be able to stop in time to avoid accidents, and worn windshield wipers may hamper their vision. If drivers are negligent, they should pay for the accident injuries other people receive because of their carelessness. A San Jose accident attorney will be a valuable help to anyone injured in San Jose because most insurance companies respond differently to people who have legal representation.

Medical Malpractice

Medical practitioners must have malpractice insurance these days, and that is one of the reasons health care is so costly today. However, that malpractice insurance makes it possible for an accident lawyer to help people receive compensation when a doctor’s negligence injures them. Most doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are very competent and help people get relief from their ailments. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and even the most careful practitioners can make mistakes. If their mistakes in San Jose cause injuries, a San Jose accident lawyer can help the injured people fight for their rights and recompense them for their pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners in San Jose should make every effort to keep their properties safe in order to prevent accidents. When they fail to perform the necessary repairs required to maintain safety, they are subject to lawsuits if someone gets hurt on their property. If you or your loved ones slip and fall and receive injuries requiring medical attention, a San Jose accident attorney can help you get financial compensation for your injuries. Although the compensation will not heal your injuries, it will help relieve the financial burden and assist you in getting the best medical care.

Dog Bites

Dog owners have the responsibility to protect people from their dogs’ natural aggressiveness. Dogs normally attempt to defend their territory, and if people invade their space, they may react by biting. Dogs may consider everyone except their owners as intruders and follow their instincts to get rid of them. When barking does not work, they sometimes try to prove they are in control by biting the intruders. An accident lawyer can help people get reimbursement for dog bite injuries. Dog owners should keep their pets restrained when they are outside. If they tie up the animals, they must be sure the chain is strong enough to hold them back and short enough to keep them from attacking people passing by their property. When they use a fence, they should check it often to be sure it is still secure. If a dog has bitten you, or if a dog has injured one of your loved ones, call a San Jose accident lawyer to get assistance in receiving compensation.

Elderly Abuse

Elderly people are vulnerable because they are at the mercy of their caregivers when they can no longer care for themselves. Most people treat the elderly with respect and dignity and keep their best interests at heart. However, some unscrupulous people want to care for them or befriend them only to benefit financially from the situation. An accident lawyer can help people protect their elderly loved ones from abuse. Older people who have no nearby family to look after them are especially at risk for mistreatment by those who see an opportunity for financial gain from taking care of or befriending them. If the elderly people have dementia, the danger is even greater. Their caregivers or friends may gain their confidence and convince the confused people to let them handle their financial affairs, so they can transfer some of their assets to themselves. If you believe someone may be trying to take advantage of one of your loved ones or someone you know, call a San Jose accident attorney to help reveal the friend’s true intentions and protect the elderly person.

Some people begin caring for elderly family members with good intentions but feel overburdened as the older people age and become more and more dependent on them. The caregivers then must spend so much time caring for the elderly people that they may feel overwhelmed. If the elderly cannot afford to live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, the caregivers may feel trapped by the situation and begin to mistreat those helpless people because of their frustrations. An accident lawyer will know how to deal with the situation and ensure that the elderly people receive proper care.

Workplace Accidents

Some employers jeopardize their employees’ safety in attempting to economize. Implementing safety measures can sometimes be costly, and they are not willing to spend the money to make their workplaces safer when they do not feel they will reap any financial benefits from the expenditures. Others are simply careless and thoughtless, ignoring important safety issues and the possible consequences of maintaining unsafe workplaces. If you get hurt on the job in San Jose, call a San Jose accident attorney, so you can have the assurance of receiving the full compensation you deserve.

Some companies try to cover up accidents and attempt to convince injured employees that they are not hurt very badly. They discourage them from getting medical attention and persuade them to come back to work earlier than they should. If it is obvious that the employees need medical attention, the company may offer to pay the medical expenses and then ask the employees to sign a form stating that the bills are paid in full. If complications from the injuries appear after the employees sign the form, the company may refuse to pay any additional medical bills. An accident lawyer familiar with these situations can fight for the employees’ rights and help them get the medical care they need.

There are times when employees try to take advantage of the situations when they have accidents at work. They claim their accident injuries are more severe than they really are and try to get compensation for imaginary pains. They say they are unable to work and create unnecessary expenses for their employers who must pay others to do their jobs. A San Jose accident lawyer can help employers fight this type of fraud and save them from the expense it causes.

Insurance fraud

A San Jose accident lawyer can also help you if others try to commit insurance fraud at your expense. In addition to being an unwilling participant and victim in the dishonesty of insurance fraud, if someone is successful in blaming you for a fake an accident injury, your insurance company will probably raise your policy rates. If you have insurance that covers the claim, you will still pay for part of the fraudulent claim indirectly through higher insurance rates. If someone attempts to frame you in a fraudulent claim, call an accident lawyer who knows how to deal with these matters and ensure that the scheme is not successful.

Help for the Injured and Their Loved Ones

The cost of health care these days is extremely high, even for people who have health insurance. They must pay deductibles, and their insurance companies normally have limits on the amounts they will pay for various circumstances. Additionally, many people cannot afford to purchase health insurance, so it would be almost impossible for them to pay for injuries they may suffer from accidents without help from an accident lawyer. Whether they have insurance or not, people who suffer injuries because of accidents in San Jose would be wise to have the assistance of a San Jose accident attorney. In that way, they can have the assurance of receiving the compensation they deserve for their injuries, so they can get the best possible medical care available.

Injured people are not the only ones who suffer from accidents. Their families go through disruption of their lives as well, and an accident lawyer can help them get reimbursement for their financial expenses. The family members may not have physical pain, but they will have various expenses related to the care of the injured ones. They may have to take time off from work, travel to distant hospitals, stay in motels and eat in restaurants while they help and comfort their injured loved ones. After the hospitalized ones return home, they may still need care for a while. Someone may need to stay with them to assist with their daily living. Their homes may even require alterations to accommodate wheelchairs or other medical equipment. These things may seem minor compared to the cost of medical expenses, but they can add up to quite a bit over time. A San Jose accident attorney can help you receive compensation for incidental expenses related to the accident as well as for the major cost of medical care.

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