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Construction sites are areas that have many inherent dangers, and many people suffer serious injuries or are killed in construction accidents every year. Because construction sites may have a variety of different subcontractors and contractors who are working simultaneously, construction accidents may have unique liability issues. If you are the victim of an accident at a construction site, it is important for you to consult with an experienced San Jose construction accident lawyer so that you might be able to recover the maximum damages for the losses that you have suffered.


What is a construction accident?

Construction accidents are incidents that happen at sites where people are working to build, repair, demolish, improve or construct buildings, roads or other structures. Construction accidents may involve injuries to the workers at the sites or to private citizens who are passing through or near the sites. One of the main causes of construction accidents is a failure to follow the safety protocols and guidelines that have been established for the industry.

How often do construction accidents occur?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an average of 150,000 construction site accidents happens each year in the U.S. In 2015 in California, the BLS reported an incidence rate of 3.3 injuries per 100 full-time construction workers in the industry.

Common injuries that happen in construction accidents

People may suffer many different types of injuries at construction sites, including the following common injuries:

• Head, facial and neck injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Fractures
• Puncture wounds
• Electrocution
• Suffocation
• Internal injuries
• Death

When to file a personal injury claim after a construction accident

Under California law, claims involving personal injuries must be filed in state court no later than two years after the date that the injury happens. If the defendant is a government agency, you must file a notice of claim with the government no later than six months after you were injured. Failing to meet these deadlines will mean that you will not be able to recover damages for your losses.

In addition to personal injury claims that may be available to you against third parties that were responsible for causing your accident, you may also be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. To file a workers’ compensation claim, you must report your injury accident to your employer as soon as possible after it happens and file a claim with the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Common types of construction accidents

There are several common types of construction accidents, including the following:

• Falls on the same level
• Falls to a lower level
• Being struck by objects
• Electrocution
• Getting caught in equipment or between equipment
• Being struck by vehicles at construction sites

Why you should contact a San Jose construction accident lawyer

If you are injured in a construction accident, it is important for you to seek legal help from an experienced San Jose construction accident lawyer. If you were working at a construction site, you may be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits with your employer. However, if your accident was caused by a third party, you might also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible third party in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits claim. An experienced lawyer may be able to identify all of the potentially liable parties when construction accidents happen. This may help you to maximize the amount of compensation that you might recover so that you can receive full compensation for your losses. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation so that you can learn about the recovery rights that you might have in your case.

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