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Trucks keep the transportation system in America moving. Overall, trucks are useful for hauling goods across long distances. However, trucks are inherently dangerous. When you consider the fact that many truckers are on the road far too long, then you can quickly see why truck accidents are a prevalent problem on the roadways of America.

Bay Area Truck Accident LawyerTruck accidents can be particularly dangerous. This is especially true if there are other vehicles involved. Just think about the size difference. Trucks are substantially larger and heavier than almost any other vehicle on the road. When a truck hits a car, the car will receive far more damage than the truck. In fact, truck drivers often walk away from accidents. People in the other vehicle, however, are often faced with a far more precarious situation.

People who are involved with a truck accident often suffer from serious injury. This can include brain injuries or spinal injuries. Other injuries can include lacerations, internal damage, loss of limbs, broken bones and more. Some of these injuries will require multiple surgeries and years of rehabilitation. Other people may not recover at all. Death as a result of a truck accident is not uncommon. Because of the severity of truck accidents, it is important to be aware of your legal rights as soon as possible.


Don’t Settle with the Insurance Company on Your Own

After most truck accidents, you will be approached by a third party about a settlement. This is usually offered by the insurance company of the other party involved with the accident. The settlement may be a significant sum of money. If you are struggling to recover, you may be inclined to accept the settlement to move forward with your life. However, it is a mistake to accept any settlement without discussing your situation with a truck accident lawyer first.

You need to understand that a settlement is a way for the other party to avoid liability. Liability is an important legal concept in truck accident cases. Because truck accidents are usually considered a part of civil law, it is important to prove liability in order to get compensation. If you can prove that the other party was liable or responsible for the accident, then you are entitled to a larger payout. Proving liability usually involves showing that the other party was negligent in some fashion. Perhaps the truck driver was not abiding by the rules of the road. Maybe the driver had been driving too long and was sleepy at the wheel. If you can show anything like that, then you should be able to get more money in court.

The settlement, however, negates this process. If you accept the settlement, you forfeit your right for further legal action. This can severely limit how much money you can recover. It is important to remember that receiving compensation is not greedy. Instead, it is often necessary for your recovery. Medical bills can be overwhelming, and many people end up in debt without compensation. Paying for ongoing therapy and rehabilitation is also a burden. Worse yet, many people are unable to work after an accident. Without money coming in, it is impossible to pay your bills and support yourself or your family. This is why you deserve the full compensation in court after a truck accident.

Why You Need a Lawyer

For these reasons, talk to a Bay Area truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. The team at San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys can review any settlement offer to see whether or not you should take it. If your case deserves further attention, we can help you pursue a legal case. Call for a consultation today.

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