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Frequency of Motorcycle Accidents in the Bay Area

The Bay Area, with its scenic routes and favorable climate, is a haven for motorcyclists. However, this popularity also contributes to a significant number of motorcycle accidents each year. While California boasts nearly 800,000 registered motorcycles, the Bay Area sees its fair share of these accidents, often reflecting statewide trends.

In recent years, California has witnessed a troubling increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. According to the latest available data, the state experiences over 13,000 motorcycle crashes annually, resulting in more than 500 fatalities. Sadly, the Bay Area mirrors this trend, with a disproportionate number of accidents involving riders under 34 years old.

While the causes of these accidents vary, negligence plays a significant role. Distracted driving, speeding, unsafe lane changes, and failure to yield are common contributing factors. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable due to their lack of protection compared to other vehicles.

Motorcycle and Automobile Accidents are not the Same

While both motorcycle and automobile accidents can result in severe injuries, the consequences for motorcyclists are often far more devastating. The stark reality is that motorcyclists face a significantly higher risk of fatality compared to car occupants. In fact, studies have shown that the fatality rate for motorcyclists is roughly 28 times higher than that of passenger car occupants per vehicle mile traveled.

The lack of protective barriers on a motorcycle leaves riders exposed to the full force of impact in a collision. Even with helmets and protective gear, motorcyclists are vulnerable to severe injuries that car occupants are often shielded from. Common injuries include:

  • Road Rash: Severe abrasions that can lead to infection and scarring.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Even with a helmet, the risk of TBI is high, potentially leading to long-term cognitive and physical impairments.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: These can result in partial or complete paralysis, altering a person's life irrevocably.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures: Due to the force of impact, multiple fractures are common in motorcycle accidents.
  • Loss of Limbs: Amputation may be necessary due to the severity of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents in the Bay Area

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The Bay Area, with its dense traffic and sometimes unpredictable weather, presents unique risks for motorcyclists. While the aforementioned injuries are prevalent, some specific types of injuries warrant further attention:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): These injuries are not only common but also particularly devastating. Victims can suffer from a range of cognitive problems, including memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings. In severe cases, TBI can result in permanent disability or even death.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: The impact of a motorcycle accident can cause severe damage to the spinal cord, leading to partial or complete paralysis. This life-altering injury affects mobility, sensation, and bodily functions, requiring extensive rehabilitation and ongoing care.

These injuries underscore the importance of seeking immediate medical attention after a motorcycle accident. Even seemingly minor injuries can have long-term consequences, and early intervention can make a significant difference in recovery.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in the Bay Area, seeking legal representation can be crucial to ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

When to Contact A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in the Bay Area

You must file a claim before the statute of limitations expires. In California, you have two years after the date of your injury to file a lawsuit. If you wait more than two years, the statute of limitations expires. Once the statute expires, the court does not permit you to file a claim even if the party causing the accident was negligent. Call our Bay Area motorcycle accident lawyer today to ensure that you file a timely lawsuit.

A serious motorcycle injury can result in a financial dilemma causing you to have a poor credit score, become bankrupt or lose your home. Contacting our attorney gives you the chance to file a lawsuit and win a settlement. Monetary compensation helps you pay the bills and make payments to your mortgage company. Maintaining good credit and keeping your home are two important reasons warranting an immediate call to our legal firm.

How to contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in the Bay Area

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