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Contact our sports injury lawyer in San Jose to find out whether you have a valid lawsuit to compensate you for your sports injury. Our experienced personal injury lawyer will let you know if you have a legitimate claim based on negligence. You may have a strong case if the athletic field posed any dangers. Bring police reports and medical records with you to your first complimentary appointment. Our attorney will determine whether the opposing party failed to provide you with enough rest or offered you an unsatisfactory environment.

Assaults and Violence on the Athletic Field

Negligence covers a wide area within legal textbooks and regulations. You may have a valid claim against the negligent party even if you signed a release form waiving your right to file a lawsuit. The consent form you signed is only valid if all the players follow proper etiquette. The contract does not apply if another player's violent act caused your injury.

If you were injured while playing football, basketball, hockey or baseball because of an assault, our sports injury lawyer in San Jose will study the details of your case and inform you of your legal rights. Any type of unlawful action constitutes a right to file a lawsuit. Our lawyer's job is to make sure your legal rights are protected.


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Types of Sports Injuries Warranting the Filing of a Claim

A sports injury can cause various physical problems. If you sprained your ankle while playing basketball, bring all documents with you to our office. Other types of sports injuries include shin splints, knee injuries and hamstring issues. If you play golf or tennis, you may incur elbow tendinitis. A pulled muscle is also a sports injury. Concussions resulting in traumatic brain injuries are potentially life-threatening problems that can lead to permanent intellectual and physical disabilities.

A Concussion May Cause a Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussions are common sports injuries that are particularly harmful to young children. Increasing numbers of younger athletes are diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries that can have detrimental effects on their lives. A serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause severe cognitive issues including short-term memory loss. The loss of short-term memories may interfere with the child’s capabilities to learn new topics in school or even complete homework assignments. If your child suffers from a sports injury that caused a TBI, contact our San Jose legal firm today.

File a Lawsuit Immediately With Our Sports Injury Lawyer in San Jose

The clock is ticking while you spend weeks or months contemplating whether to file a legal claim against the negligent party who caused your sports injury. In California, the law only grants you two years to file a personal injury claim. Contact our San Jose sports injury lawyer as soon as you regain your strength. If you win your case, you could receive monetary compensation giving you the financial freedom to support your family. Call our San Jose office or send an email today so that our sports injury lawyer can help you stand up for your rights.

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