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  • Were you involved in a car accident in San Jose?
    Car Accidents
  • Were you injured while commuting on a bus? We can help!
    Bus Accidents
  • Boat accidents are a common occurrence in the Bay Area. If you've suffered injury from a boat accident, call us today for a free consultation.
    Boat Accidents
  • Were you the victim in a car accident in San Jose where the driver was distracted on their cell phone? Call us, we can help compile evidence and settle your case quick!
    Cell Phone Car Accident
  • Have you been the victim of a drunk driving accident in San Jose? Call our law offices today so we can help you with the compensation you deserve today!
    Drunk Driving Car Accident
  • Did you get into an accident with a government vehicle in San Jose but don't know how to start with filing a car accident case? Call us today!
    Government Vehicle Accident
  • Are you the victim of a hit and run car accident in San Jose? Let us help you determine who is at fault and fight for your compensation you deserve!
    Hit and Run Accident
  • Have you and your vehicle been in a rear end collision and both you and your car sustained damage? Call us today and we can help with your case.
    Rear End Car Accident
  • Have you been involved in an Uber accident in San Jose? Choose an experienced attorney to get your case the attention it deserves.
    Uber Accident
  • A San Jose roll-over accident lawyer will help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.
    Rollover Accidents
  • Have you been involved in a pedestrian and car accident? Call San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys today for your free consultation.
    Pedestrian Car Accident Lawyer
  • The sooner you consult with a San Jose motorcycle injury attorney, the better your chances will are to get the settlement you deserve.
    Motorcycle Accidents
  • San Jose semi-truck accident lawyers at our firm have years of experience and can help you get the compensation you deserve.
    Semi Truck Accident Lawyer
  • Was the taxi cab you were riding involved in a car accident? Call us today to get the compensation you need.
    Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer
  • Injured in a truck accident? We’ll fight for your rights and make sure you get every penny you deserve.
    Truck Accidents
  • Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident in San Jose?
    Car Accident 
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