If you are like other people who live in the city and want to save money on transportation, you likely use Uber to get from one location to the next. With the touch of a button, you can request a driver to come and give you a ride to your destination at a fair price. But what happens when you use Uber and your driver is involved in an accident?

Most people are confused when it comes to responding to the crash, and not knowing how to react to the incident can prevent them from getting compensation. If you were in an Uber accident and need advice on how to proceed, the following guide will point you in the right direction and show you how a personal injury lawyer can help.

What is Uber?
Learning about Uber and how it works is a wise step when you want to gain compensation for an accident. The company is based in California and runs its transportation app all over the world for people who want easy access to a ride. When people need to use the service so that they can reach their destination, they open the app and request a driver. Uber drivers have a list of individuals seeking rides and earn money for each job that they complete. Once they finalize the transaction, drivers and riders can rate each other to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience.

How Uber is Different From Standard Taxi Services

If you look at it from the surface, Uber appears similar to standard taxi services that operate in cities of all shapes and sizes, but you will uncover many differences if you take a close look. Taxi companies employ drivers to transport customers to their desired destination, and you will need to call the taxi company directly to request a ride.

If you use Uber to reach out to a driver in your area, the app will automatically locate and connect you with the closest drivers. Rather than being employees, those who drive for Uber are independent contractors. The biggest benefit of this approach is that people get transportation for 50 percent less than what they would otherwise pay.

Uber Regulations
Uber is a new service compared to other taxi companies and presents several questions that people want to have answered. When you hire someone to offer transportation services, you want to know that you can trust your driver to remain safe on the road. While the legal regulations that drivers need to follow can vary based on state and local laws, Uber requires its contractors to have a clean driving record and a reliable vehicle that is not likely to break down on the side of the freeway.

How California Drivers Gain Compensation After an Uber Accident

Uber accidents often create complex coverage issues that make it challenging for passengers to get the compensation they need and deserve. Uber offers insurance but also requires their drivers to obtain their own policy to cover most of the damage.

When an Uber driver experiences a collision, the company will often try to avoid blame and make the driver’s insurance company pay for the related expenses. The problem, however, is that the driver won’t always have enough coverage to handle a passenger’s medical bills. When California drivers need to get money to help with their medical fees, they can file a personal injury claim.

The Importance of Hiring a San Jose Personal Injury Attorney

When a collision takes place and you want to get compensation for your Uber accident, turning to a San Jose personal injury attorney is vital. If you don’t work with a skilled legal team to resolve your issue, you might need to pay for your damages alone, which can harm your budget. Your attorney will review the details related to your crash and form a solid case that the court won’t be able to overlook.

Experienced legal representatives are skilled at negotiating with insurance companies to obtain the best possible results for their clients, and you will know that you are in good hands. If you are ready to safeguard your rights and protect your future, you can pick up the phone and contact a personal injury attorney right away.

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