Truck Accident Lawyer

San_Jose_Truck_Accident_LawyerMost people get behind the wheel each day and never think about the dangers that could be waiting around the corner. When you travel down the road to get to work or the store, you have the right to know that other drivers will behave in a safe way that won’t cause harm, but the unthinkable could happen when you least expect it.

While standard crashes are enough to cause serious injuries, a truck accident is much worse and can have a devastating impact on your life. If you have been involved in a truck accident and want to seek compensation for your damages, a skilled personal injury attorney will help.

Types of Truck Accidents

Learning about the different types of truck accidents is a smart move when you want to know how you can get compensation. When a truck is driving along the freeway and makes a sharp turn, it can experience a rollover accident. If a driver hits the brakes too fast or if the brakes lock up, the trailer can skid and cause a jackknife accident, forcing the truck to collide with nearby vehicles. Maintenance issues, driver negligence and weather conditions are just a few of the factors that can cause a truck to crash into another vehicle.

How Truck Accident Lawsuits Work

Before you decide to file a lawsuit, you will want to get a clear picture of how truck accident lawsuits work so that you will know what you can expect as you move forward. You will set the process in motion by speaking with a San Jose personal injury attorney about your case. The attorney will review the accident report and your medical bills to get an idea of the type of compensation you should seek.

Before your case makes it to court, the other side will likely offer a settlement to avoid a lengthy legal battle. If you are happy with the agreement, you can accept the deal and collect your compensation. In some cases, you might feel as though the settlement won’t offer enough money to cover your medical bills, and your attorney will support your decision.

Truck Accident Injury Claims

Truck accidents often cause serious injuries that can take years to heal, and your medical bills can add up faster than you would think. After an accident occurs, the shock can prevent you from feeling the pain of your injuries, but you will still need to see a doctor promptly. Not only will a doctor visit prevent your injuries from worsening, but it will also provide you with medical documentation that you can use in court. If you would like to improve your odds of reaching a favorable outcome, try to take pictures and list the names of the witnesses if you can safely do so.

Personal Injury Compensation

If you are in a truck accident and can prove your case in court, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Since your injuries won’t heal overnight, you might need to take some time away from work while you recover, which can harm your budget and force you to file for bankruptcy. The good news is that you can also obtain compensation to cover your lost wages.

Factors Impacting Your Compensation

When you take your case to a courtroom for resolution, the legal system will take several factors into consideration when it determines the amount of compensation that you should receive. People who suffer spinal injuries will receive more compensation than those who don’t, but your driving habits could also play a role in the outcome that you will get. If the court believes that you were behaving negligently when the accident took place, it will reduce the amount of money that you can collect.

Why You Need a San Jose Personal Injury Attorney

Truck companies have legal teams that will take steps to prevent you from collecting the funds you deserve, and you won’t have much hope of winning unless you have a legal expert on your side. When you enlist the services of a San Jose personal injury attorney, you will know that you are in good hands.

Your attorney will review your case and negotiate with the insurance companies to give you a fair deal. If the other side offers a settlement deal to avoid going to court, your attorney will help you decide what to do. If you choose not to accept the settlement, your attorney will build a solid case and zealously fight for you in the courtroom.

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