In addition to ensuring that there is record of the accident, it is extremely San_Jose_slip_and_fall_Lawyer_bimportant to make sure that you receive proper medical attention from a reputable doctor in San Jose or other similar medical facility as soon as possible after the injury occurs. This is not only important in the substantiation of your claim, but to ensure your well being is preserved. Even if you have the slightest notion that you may be injured, you should still see a qualified medical professional for a full examination. This will eliminate any doubt in your mind as well as ensure that your San Jose slip and fall accident lawyer is able to obtain proper financial compensation for any delayed onset pain in the days or weeks following your fall.

Slip and fall accidents constitute one type of accidents including in the “fall down” injury category. Because the nature and extent of this type of injury can vary greatly from case to case, it is of critical importance that you seek out the professional consult offered by a reputable San Jose slip and fall injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury following a slip and trip accident, you may feel overwhelmed with the situation in which you find yourself. One of the most effective ways to begin the process of regaining a feeling of control in your life is to educate yourself regarding the ins and outs of slip and fall accidents. Your San Jose slip and fall accident attorney can help you to understand all that there is to know about the law concerning this type of injury, but you may find it reassuring to know that some general information about these accidents is readily available and accessible to the public. In order to fully understand the law that surrounds these type of injuries, it is beneficial to gain at least an elementary understanding of the general types of “fall down” accidents that lead to these injuries, contact a San Jose attorney.

An accident can happens anywhere.

The first type of fall accident in San Jose is the trip-and-fall accident. This involves a situation in which a foreign object in your path causes you to trip, thereby injuring yourself in some way (broken bones, sprains, etc.). Stump-and-fall accidents are caused by an impediment of some sort that lies in your path, causing you to fall. In step-and-fall accidents, a hole or other failure in the walking surface causes you to trip and injury yourself. In the last type of accident, the slip-and-fall, the sole of your shoe or boot loses traction on the walking surface and causes a quick and jarring drop to the floor beneath you.

Slip-and-fall accidents are incredibly common and happen every single day. They can affect people of all ages and can result in a number of injuries, though older and disabled individuals may sustain more severe injuries. Serious injuries that may follow a slip-and-fall accident include:

  • Delayed onset pain, such as aching muscles and joints
  • Fractured bones
  • Contusions and lacerations
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Herniated discs
  • Trauma to the brain
  • Injury to internal organs
  • Internal or external hemorrhaging

The most serious of these, along with other injuries caused by slips and falls, can lead to long term pain, scarring, coma and even death. The extent of the injuries sustained is largely determined by the conditions under which the fall occurred.

The situations that set the stage for slip and fall injuries vary from one location to the next. Hazardous conditions that provide the potential for an accident may be permanent (e.g., a damaged stairwell) or temporary (e.g., a slick roadway covered in oil or made wet by rain). In cases of permanently hazardous conditions, the owner of the property in question is most commonly found at fault for any injuries sustained there, as it is his or her responsibility to maintain the property for the safety of others. When considering the aspects of each individual case, an experienced San Jose slip and fall accident lawyer will ask many questions of the circumstances. One of these questions may be whether or not the property owner had prior knowledge of the potential danger and if so, if he had adequate opportunity to make repairs to the area in question.

  • Torn or poorly maintained rugs, carpets and baseboards
  • Roads or sidewalks with uneven paving, pot holes, cracks and other signs of visible damage
  • Stairwells, steps and alley ways without adequate lighting and properly maintained railings
  • Snow, sleet, ice and excessive rain on sidewalks, roads and parking lots
  • Debris or puddles from spills left in aisle of shops or markets
  • Spilled chemicals or water on or around construction sites

As is briefly outlined above, property owners inherently find themselves in a position of great responsibility and liability when it comes to keeping their sidewalks, roads, floors, stairs and other areas clean and safe. It is never an employee’s responsibility, for example, to pay for injuries caused by the negligence of a manager or other authority figure in a professional setting. In certain cases, a landlord or other property owner is responsible for upholding specific standards of safety as are outlined by the local or state government. If you are unsure about the specific laws or safety standards that apply to the area in which you live or were injured, consult a knowledgeable San Jose slip and fall accident attorney for more information.

As a consumer in a store, a pedestrian on the sidewalk or a resident in your apartment complex, you find yourself at risk daily for harmful slips and falls. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of this type of accident and someone else is liable, you may be entitled to compensation for that person or company’s negligence. There is absolutely no reason that you (as the victim in this situation) should have to suffer any further than you already have. In fact, you may be awarded financial compensation to help alleviate some of this burden.

While our expert San Jose slip and fall injury lawyer is fully aware of the fact that money will not take away the pain or inconvenience incurred following an accident, our experience in this field has shown us that financial compensation does help in a number of other ways. For example, your healthcare bills alone could add up into the tens of thousands, depending on the nature and extent of your injuries. If your injury requires a ride to the emergency room in an ambulance, you will receive separate (and very expensive) bills from both the emergency team that responds to the call and the doctors who see you at the hospital. X-rays and other necessary tests can be quite costly as well.

Another way that you may suffer after a slip and fall accident is also related to money, but is often a forgotten aspect of an injury like this. If you are seriously injured following your accident, you may be forced to miss work for an extended period of time while you recover from the incident. In fact, if it is necessary that a family member stay home to help you throughout the day, he or she may also miss work. Missed wages can affect you and your family in the short term as well as in the long term. Even a week’s worth of missed work can set you back for months, especially if you are already living from paycheck to paycheck. It simply would not be fair for you to undergo this type of hardship without financial compensation from the party responsible.

Always look for help with a Local Lawyer in San Jose.

Fortunately, obtaining professional legal representation in San Jose can help you avoid countless piles of unpaid medical bills (and resulting debt), missed wages and the mental anguish of enduring this trying experience on your own. Finding help in these situations is only a simple phone call away and our legal representatives possess all of the knowledge you will need in order to make an informed decision about pursuing your case. Our San Jose slip and fall injury attorney has been trusted by innumerable victims just like yourself and we have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients in court. With over 30 years of experience in this field, we offer specialty representation, exceptional consultation and invaluable expertise in dealing with negligent parties and insurance companies following accidents of this type.

Because it is so important to us that your rights are protected, we ensure that our attorneys located in San Jose are kept abreast of all changes and updates to current law regarding personal injury, especially slips and falls. We will not only provide you with expert advice concerning the details of your case, but will keep you informed every step of the way with regular updates regarding the entire legal process with a lawyer based in San Jose.

While we will be representing you and providing you with answers to your every question throughout the duration of your claim process, there are certain advantages to taking some action yourself. To help your San Jose slip and fall accident lawyer get you everything you deserve from your case, it is important that you remember the following before speaking to any insurance company regarding your injuries.

First, it is incredibly beneficial for you to ensure that a proper accident report is completed at the time of the accident to ensure that all facts concerning the incident are recorded in detail. This includes making note of what exactly took place, including the names of any witnesses who were present at the time and the precise conditions that led to the slip and fall. If your particular accident occurred at a place of professional business or a construction site, the property owner or general manager of the premises will most likely want to file one of these accident reports for liability purposes anyway. Just be sure to obtain a full copy of the report for your records as it could have later bearing on the outcome of your case.

If it is possible, it is also advantageous to take a few photos of the area in which the accident occurred. If a stair was broken or missing, for example, take a photo of the stair itself, as well as the floor surrounding the area. Make multiple copies of the photos, as your San Jose slip and fall injury attorney may find them useful.

Rather than suffer through the headache and hassle of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters on your own, make the call to one of our qualified and experienced slip and fall lawyers in San Jose today. We will stop at nothing to ensure that your rights are observed and that you get everything you deserve when it comes to compensation for your accident.

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