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Winning your battle against cancer was likely very hard and is quite an accomplishment. Many people who have certain types of cancer, including breast, lung, and others, are prescribed Taxotere. Unfortunately. this drug may cause some people to permanently lose their hair. If you have suffered a permanent hair loss or problems with regrowing your hair after your treatment has ended, you may have the grounds to file a lawsuit against the company that manufactures Taxotere. Taxotere lawsuits are filed as individual cases and are not class actions. In order to prevail on your claim, it is important for you to retain an experienced San Jose Taxotere lawsuit lawyer who understands the complexities that are involved with defective products and product liability claims.

What is Taxotere?

Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis Inc. It is commonly used in the treatment of breast cancer along with a number of other types of cancer. Taxotere is effective as a cancer drug because it interferes with the division of cancer cells. Taxotere is administered intravenously at cancer centers or hospitals.

Common side effects of Taxoteresan-jose-taxotere-lawsuit-lawyer

Unfortunately, Taxotere has a number of troublesome side effects, including the following:

• allergic reactions
• bone pain
• constipation
• fatigue
• fluid retention
• hair loss
• low white blood cell count
• mouth or throat sores
• muscle pain
• nail changes
• nausea
• neuropathy
• susceptibility to infection
• taste changes
• vomiting
• watery eyes

What forms the basis for a Taxotere lawsuit claim?

While most chemotherapy patients experience hair loss from their treatments, the loss is normally temporary. Taxotere, by contrast, may cause permanent hair loss that is called alopecia areata. This can be especially devastating for women. The first Taxotere lawsuit was filed in 2016 by a woman on the basis of failure to warn about the potential for permanent hair loss. In its original warning, Sanofi-Aventis stated that hair normally grows back after the treatment is finished. Instead, many women have found that they can never regrow their hair and have a constant reminder of when they battled cancer. In addition to failure to warn, claims may also be filed on the basis of fraudulent misrepresentation, design defects, manufacturing defects, and breaches of express and implied warranties.

How do you qualify to pursue a Taxotere lawsuit claim?

If you were administered Taxotere to treat cancer and have suffered permanent hair loss, you may be eligible to file a claim against the drug maker. Both men and women may be eligible to file Taxotere lawsuits. Approximately 9 percent of people who are administered Taxotere suffer permanent hair loss, which may result in complete baldness or in hair that only grows in odd patches.

How to file a Taxotere lawsuit in San Jose

In order to file a lawsuit against Taxotere, you will need to draft a civil complaint and then file it in the appropriate court. Once you file your complaint, you must have a copy of it served together with a summons on Sanofi-Aventis. The company will then have an opportunity to file its answer to your complaint. When you receive the answer, the case may then enter into a discovery period during which both sides will have to exchange the evidence that they have in the case. Your claim might be resolved at any point during the discovery process through negotiation and settlement. However, you should be prepared for your claim to proceed to trial in the event that it does not settle.

When you should take legal action

Like all other states, California has established statutes of limitations for different types of cases, including Taxotere lawsuits. In the state, victims have two years to file their lawsuits from the date that they discover their injuries. It is a good idea to talk to an experienced San Jose Taxotere lawsuit attorney as soon as you discover that you have suffered permanent hair loss so that you have enough time to file your complaint before the limitations period expires.

Why you should get help from an experienced Taxotere lawsuit attorney in San Jose

Drugmakers like Sanofi-Aventis have numerous attorneys on hand to defend them against lawsuits. If you have suffered permanent hair loss from Taxotere, you may need legal help to build a strong case that shows liability. An experienced Taxotere lawyer in San Jose may analyze your case in order to identify all of the potential claims that should be included in your complaint. You are much likelier to hold the company liable when you have legal help.

Battling against cancer is difficult enough without having to deal with ongoing problems from permanent hair loss that you never expected. Our experienced legal team is compassionate and focused on helping you to recover the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about your potential rights.

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