Construction Zone Accident Lawyers in San Jose

Construction zones are dangerous for both the workers and the motorists who pass through them. These zones are often located on roads with speed limits that are higher than 50 mph, and accidents that happen inside of them can result in multi-car accidents, catastrophic injuries, and fatalities. If you have been injured in a construction zone accident because of the fault of another driver, you should speak to one of our experienced construction zone accident lawyers in San Jose. We understand how to analyze these cases to determine how liability should be assigned and then seek the maximum amount of recovery for our clients.

What is a construction zone accident?

A construction zone accident is an accident that happens inside of work zones on the roads. These can include accidents involving vehicles that are passing through the zones, accidents in which the workers are struck by cars or accidents involving the construction equipment and vehicles or workers. Because of the dangers that are posed to workers and motorists, construction zones have lower speed limits, and there are substantial fines for people who speed through them.

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How often do construction zone accidents happen?

Between 2009 and 2014, 4,400 people were killed and 200,000 were injured in construction zone accidents, according to the Federal Highway Administration. While workers who work in construction zones have a heightened risk of being injured or killed, the FHA reports that 85 percent of the fatalities that occurred happened to drivers of cars that were passing through.

Common types of construction zone accidents

The most common types of construction zone accidents include the following:

• Rear-end collisions
• Collisions that occur because vehicles merge late
• Distracted driving accidents
• Multiple car accidents
• Collisions caused by speeding
• Collisions with construction equipment
• Collisions with workers

Accidents may be caused by drivers who are speeding and are unable to stop in time to avoid hitting cars in front of them. They may also be caused by misplaced signs, drivers trying to merge late, tailgating and poor visibility.

Common injuries in construction zone accidents

Many different injuries can happen in construction zone accidents, including the following types:

• Whiplash
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Head, neck and facial injuries
• Fractures
• Internal injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Paralysis
• Death

When to file a personal injury claim after a construction zone accident

In California, personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the date that you were injured in your accident. It is a good idea to talk to an experienced construction zone accident right after you seek medical treatment instead of waiting, however. When an attorney is able to begin his or her work early, he or she may be able to find evidence and witnesses that may otherwise be lost over time.

Why you should contact a San Jose construction zone accident lawyer

Construction zone accidents may have complex liability issues. Getting help from an attorney may help you to identify all of the potentially liable parties that you should name as defendants so that you can increase your sources of potential recovery. Contact our construction zone accident attorneys in San Jose today to schedule a FREE consultation: (408) 217-1778

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