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Beautiful San Jose, California, is home to nearly 1.5 million people, and most everyone either drives their own vehicle or depends on a taxi cab or some other form of public transportation to get around the city or to destinations outside of the city. The sheer number of vehicles on the road leads to many accidents in the San Jose area, and your normal daily trip may end with an accident that leaves you with a serious case of whiplash. If you have been injured in an accident that resulted in whiplash, then it’s important that you contact a San Jose whiplash injury lawyer to protect your rights.
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About Whiplash
If your neck hurts after an accident, then you must not ignore it because whiplash can be an incredibly serious medical issue. Whiplash is a neck injury that often occurs as a result of a rear-end car accident because this generally causes your neck to be violently thrown back and forth in a way that it was never intended to move. When this happens, the muscles and tendons in your neck may become painfully stretched or even torn. This type of injury may leave you with chronic pain for m or even years. Whiplash may also occur during a physical assault, playing sports, or an accident at work. There are several signs that you may have suffered a whiplash injury.

  • Inability to turn head
  • Neck pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Numb or painful arms
  • Upper back pain

Other Common Injuries
In some cases, everyone may walk away from an auto accident without a scratch, but it’s much more common for injuries to occur. Whether you’re driving yourself or are a passenger in a friend or a family member’s vehicle, a taxi cab or a city bus, these are the injuries that are commonly sustained when a crash occurs.

  • Back Injuries: It’s not uncommon for a back injury to occur right along with a serious whiplash injury. This type of accident can cause herniated discs in your back, causing a spinal injury. This can be extremely painful and leave you with weakness all the way down through your legs. In a worse case scenario, it can even prevent you from walking.
  • Facial Injuries: When your face connects with the steering wheel, an airbag or any other hard surface during an accident, the results can be traumatic. It’s possible to come away with only bruising, but many accident victims suffer a broken nose, shattered eye sockets and cracked cheekbones.

Important Steps to Take After a Whiplash Injury
Too many people minimize the neck pain that they feel after an accident, and that could be the biggest mistake of your life because you may be left with pain so severe that it’s no longer possible to work at your regular job or even care for yourself properly. You should always seek medical attention immediately after an accident to be evaluated for any type of injury, and it’s also important that the accident is reported to the police so that a full report will be available. You must protect yourself, so don’t let anyone tell you that the accident isn’t serious enough to involve the police. Whenever possible, have photos taken of yourself, any other parties involved in the accident and the actual accident scene.

Contact a San Jose Whiplash Injury Lawyer
It’s a sad fact that you can’t depend on your own insurance company to treat you fairly when you suffer from a whiplash injury, so it’s extremely important that you contact a San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys immediately if you’re injured through no fault of your own. An attorney experienced with this type of injury will understand how to bring a strong case against any parties that were involved in causing your injury, and he or she will work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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