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Rideshare Car Accidents in San Jose

Contact our rideshare car accident lawyer in San Jose if you have been involved in a ride share accident. Although riding in a ride share vehicle has its rewards, you are taking risks every time you go for a ride. For one thing, the company’s insurance coverage may or may not provide you with the type of protection you expect. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to find out if the driver has a past record. Contact our San Jose accident lawyer today to find out if you have a claim.

Common Injuries Caused by Ride Share Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by serious ride share accidents. A severe traumatic brain injury is a devastating experience for the victim who may experience permanent short-term memory loss. Paralysis is another common injury resulting from a ride share accident. Victims may suffer from broken bones and third-degree burns requiring extensive medical treatments. Additionally, some victims may experience persistent emotional and mental distress.

Have you been in a rideshare car accident? San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys can help.

Steps you Need to Take After a Ride Share Injury

1. The first thing to do after you are injured in a ride share accident is to visit the nearest emergency room. If you are unable to drive, an ambulance or police officer can escort you to the hospital. Try to take photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident.

2. Obtain a copy of the official police report. Information in the report provides details about how the accident occurred and whether negligence was a factor.

3. Obtain copies of your medical records. Our lawyer will take the time to review the results of your medical tests in order to determine whether you have a lawsuit.

4. Try to put together a list of every person who took part in the accident. The list should include names, mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.

5. Write down the names of all witnesses and their phone numbers.

6. Obtain the phone number of the negligent party’s insurance agency along with information about coverage.

7. Proceed with caution when dealing with the negligent party’s insurance adjuster. You may want to refuse to talk to the person representing the negligent party until you speak with our rideshare car accident lawyer in San Jose.

8. Contact our law firm right away. Any delays on your part may result in the expiration of California’s statute of limitations regarding filing a lawsuit within the two-year limit.

Different Types of Ride Share Accidents

Ride share accidents are often caused by drunk, inattentive or careless drivers representing the ride share company. However, other drivers may also cause accidents. Our attorney can help you file a case and provide you with legal representation regardless of who was responsible for your injury. Contact our legal firm today for a free consultation. If you win your lawsuit, you will receive monetary compensation for your injury or injuries. You do not pay any money unless our lawyer succeeds in winning your case. Call our rideshare car accident lawyer in San Jose now.

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